Matt Orlando is proud to be endorsed by the following individuals, organizations and groups in his campaign to be elected to return to the Chandler City Council

A true friend to law enforcement, Matt Orlando will protect you by hiring more police officers to reduce the escalating response times for calls of service. Matt has a plan to economically add more resource offices to make our schools safer.
— James Parks, Executive Director of AZCOPS
Matt Orlando knows and understands the importance of police and fire services.  He will support more training and equipment to ensure Chandler remains a safe community.
— Joe Hester, Executive VP of Professional Fire Fighters

Business Leaders and Chandler Residents

  • Karen and Mike Barron
  • Trey and LeAnn Basha
  • Jon and Cheryl Beydley
  • Bil Bruno
  • James B. Carroll
  • Mark Davis
  • Sal Flores
  • Hayley Forsyth
  • Becky Jackson
  • Julia and Tom Marreel
  • Matthew Marshall
  • Kathy and Dave Olney
  • Ron Pratte
  • Jim Ryan
  • Dee and Steve Schippel
  • Wendy Thompson
  • Allison Wallace
  • Oren Wallace
  • Cory Whyte
  • Rich Zawtocki

Chandler Community Leaders

  • Lew Bradley, SGT, (ret) US Marine Corp
  • Kathy Belles
  • Rudy Bustamante
  • Dr. Louis Casillas
  • Monti Coffman
  • Chelle Daly
  • Carl and Rachael Davenport
  • Mark Davis  
  • Frederick E. Ferguson, Major (ret) US Army
  • Lynn and Steve Fisher
  • Nate Gafvert
  • Michael and Lyne Gelinas
  • Lenny and Crissy Guglielmo
  • Tom and Melissa Hart
  • Norm and Dottie Haskett
  • Jim Jurnack
  • Gary King
  • Norman Knox
  • Mark and Susana Lewis
  • Steena Murray
  • Dr Gary and Marsha Nagamoto
  • Debra O’Connell
  • Patsy and Marlene Orlando
  • Dr. Pratik Patel
  • Jim Prano
  • Leigh Rivers
  • Heidi Ross
  • Ginger Rowley
  • Joan Saba
  • Linda Sawyer
  • Jacob Schmitt
  • Chris and Roger Stage
  • Roy M. Tatem, Jr.
  • Kevin Terrell
  • David White, MSgt (ret) US Air Force

Former Chandler Mayors and City Council Members: 

  • Honorable Coy Payne former Mayor
  • Honorable Jim Patterson former Mayor
  • Honorable Trinity Donavan, former Vice Mayor
  • Honorable Phill Westbrooks, former Vice Mayor
  • Honorable Patti Bruno, former Councilmemeber
  • Honorable Rick Huemann, former Councilmemeber
  • Honorable Martin Sepulveda, former Councilmemeber
  • Honorable Donna Wallace,former Councilmemeber
I served with Matt Orlando; he is an independent thinker and a tireless worker who always puts the needs of the citizens of Chandler first.  He has a great vision for our city.
— Patti Bruno, former 2 term Chandler City Council member

Educators and Chandler School Board Members: 

  • Annette Auxier, Current School Board Member
  • Dr. Susan Horan
  • LeAnne Farmer
  • Lon and Trish Miller (former School Board member)
  • Corky Miner
  • Faith Rosolio
  • Joel and Paula Wirth

Business and Professional Organizations

  • Arizona Police Association
  • Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriffs (AZCOPS)
  • Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona
  • Sierra Club of Arizona 
  • SouthEast Valley Regional Association of REALTORS (SEVRAR)
I highly support Matt Orlando for City Council. I had the pleasure and honor to serve closely with Colonel Orlando in the AZ National Guard. I witnessed first hand his impressive leadership style and his integrity that was beyond reproach. Matt Orlando is the right man for the job to be sure!
— CW4 (ret) Ron Miller, USA; Chandler Resident
A retired Colonel, Matt Orlando understands firsthand the needs of our military veterans. Many politicians give lip service to the needs of our veterans, as a council member Matt has proven record of supporting our veterans.
— Major (ret) Frederick E. Ferguson U.S. Army, of Chandler, Medal of Honor recipient
When our neighborhood was confronted with the encroachment of massive utility power lines, Matt Orlando personally interceded and worked with our neighborhood and the utility company to develop an alternative location.  Matt not only talks about protecting our neighborhoods and community, but he actually gets involved and does something about it.
— Rudy Bustamante,  Resident and Community leader
As a REALTOR® and small business owner, I have worked with Matt Orlando on several issues that have impacted my industry. Matt has always listened to my concerns and strived to work with all stakeholders to seek solutions.
— Dee Schippel, Chandler Resident and Community Leader