Issues Facing Our Community


I’m running again for Chandler City Council to continue working for the citizens of Chandler. I will
ensure we will have programs and fiscal policies in place to continue our great quality of life. My
priorities for the next four years

  • Safe and Sustainable Neighborhoods
  • Economic Development and Employment Growth
  • Recreational Opportunities and Partnerships
  • Transportation

Safe and Sustainable Neighborhoods

police photo.png

I will accelerate the hiring of additional police officers to stem the very undesirable increases in response times we've experienced in Chandler and to expand community-based policing programs.

I will continue to make public safety a top priority and will ensure we have top-notch police, fire, and emergency personnel.

During my previous terms on the City Council, we added several new police substations and fire stations.  These new facilities have helped to reduce response time and put more public safety units closer to your homes and businesses.

However, we are woefully behind in hiring additional police officers. Our number of sworn officers is less than it was five years ago when I left the City Council, yet our population has continued to increase since that time.

I will accelerate the hiring of additional police officers to keep up with the demand for services.

One of the most pressing needs we face is the safety of our children while in our schools. I will partner with the schools and the state, to develop a plan to add additional safety resources to support our schools. 

I will continue to strengthen neighborhoods by helping residents foster neighborhood identities and
build a sense of community with our City
. I will continue to promote increased neighborhood self-
help cleanup efforts and beautification programs, along with applying a balanced approach to
stricter zoning codes, when applicable, to ensure property values don’t decline due to blight

In addition, during my first few months of office I will undertake a a housing market study to ensure Chandler has an adequate housing mix for the residents of today and tomorrow. We need to start asking questions like:

  • Do have too many multi-family/apartments units?
  • Do we have the right mix of multifamily type housing?
  • Do we have enough entry level housing?
  • Do we need more homes for growing families?
  • Do we have enough housing for empty nesters/downsizing families?

Answers to these questions and others will provide a sensible guide for our housing planning for the future.

Economic Development and Employment Growth

Our City's economic strategies have been instrumental in Chandler gaining thousands of new jobs:
During my last six years on the council, Chandler added almost 15,000 industry and office jobs and over 6,000 retail jobs. Because of Chandler’s forward-thinking strategies, dozens of
new industries have either expand or re-located to our community. Chandler devoted much of its largest remaining land parcels, mostly along freeway corridors, airport, and other remaining areas, to economic and retail development. I will continue to remain firm on our city's commitment to
reserve those parcels for key employment and business centers.

Our City government must also continue to enhance our partnerships with Chandler's school districts to assure development plans don't cause hardship to student enrollment and school resources.

Finally, within my first six months of being on the council, I will put together a blue ribbon committee of business owners, residents, merchants, developers, and city staff members to tackle the issue of how we can revive and/or redevelop our vacant retail centers. The committee will also determine how we can do a better job developing “in-fill land” projects- those small vacant parcels within previously built areas. This will be a top priority of mine to ensure we continue our economic growth as a community.

Recreational Opportunities and Partnerships

I will continue to work to expand recreational facilities and amenities within our City. During my last term on the council, we added pools, parks, the Tumbleweed Recreation Center, the Veterans Oasis Park, to name a few of the amenities our residents now enjoy. To ensure the city leveraged its tax dollars, we sought and encouraged the sharing of city and school resources to strengthen our libraries, facilities and buildings, pools and recreation activities. Chandler was rated among the 100 best communities in the nation for youth during my last term on the council, a testament to how the city/school partnership has paid big dividends to our residents. I’ll continue to work those partnerships for the betterment of Chandler.


Over the years, we made great progress in our recreational facilities and opportunities. However, from what I am hearing from our residents and business owners, we need to do more to upgrade our parks and recreational amenities. Currently, the demand for children and adult recreational facilities has grown faster than our parks and recreational facilities can absorb. We need to revisit our long range plan for a regional multi-use sports complex to relieve the demand on our local parks. At the same time, we need to enhance and reinvest in our local and neighborhood parks. Finally, I will continue to seek partnerships with the schools and private entities to build new facilities and to enhance our current structures and programs.


I will ensure the City continues to address traffic congestion. During my last term on the council, I worked on accelerating the city's plans to widen streets and intersections, added miles of new streets in the high-growth areas of our community, and shortened residents’ commutes by adding more right-turn lanes and bus pullouts. The City added more bus routes and dial-a- ride programs, and we will continue to install more temporary traffic lights in South Chandler to ease traffic flow and improve safety.

Our residents and business owners are asking what more can we do to improve public transit. I will seek the input of residents, business owners, and city staff to determine what enhancements need to be made to our public transit system and generate concrete plans on how to best leverage public and private dollars to improve our public transit system.